Saturday, August 29, 2009

MIA: Renound Blogger Loulou has mysteriously disappeared!

I know I haven't been around in a while, but we've had a crazy summer.... So much has been going on, but I'm starting to get back to a new "normal". The big kids are back in school, and the girlies are in preschool 2 mornings a week.... AHHHHHHH! Gotta love some preschool!!! I have fallen off the diet and exercise wagon...I still am running but not really watching my diet. I've gained a pound and a half back. I know that doesn't sound like much, but sometimes it takes me 2 weeks to lose half a pound! As of Monday, I'm back on it seriously. I'm going to blog about my journey here as well as other things going on in my life. Monday I'm posting BEFORE pictures and all my measurements. I'm hoping if I'm accountable to you guys that I'll follow through and lose these last 12 pounds. We have a new rec center here in town with child care, so I'm going to start going 2-3 days a week in addition to my running 3 days a week. Hopefully that will help my metabolism get going..... Also gonna be counting those Weight Watchers points. It works. I may get tired of counting, but it works. I've worked so hard to lose these 13 pounds and start getting my body back in shape, and I'm not giving up now! My goal by my 40th birthday (July 28, 2010) is to be in the best shape of my life....Andrew and I are going on some fabulous get away, and I plan on rocking several bikinis!!!

I'm not sewing for others anymore....It started taking over my life. I will still do things here and there to make a little pocket change, but it'll be nowhere near the production I had going on before..... So, if anyone has stuck around this long, I'M BACK! Being accountable to others helps me, and I need you gals to stay on me!!!

love and hugs,


Crystal said...

Lou Lou--I am still here--I miss you!!!!!

So glad you are back--I still come and check up on you and your girls (and boys) :) How is Natalie? I miss her too! :)

I am so glad you are running again--! :) oh Loulou I can relate I LOVE to run it is like medicine to my heart and soul!!!!! Good luck girlfriend keep us posted--I am so proud of you!!!!!!!

LouLou said...

Crystal, I miss and love you!!! I'll post some new pics of the girls this week!!! hugs hugs and more hugs!

Tonya Boster said...

I am here and love to check in on you and your


Kim W said...

I am still here and have been wondering how your family was doing. Ethan still prays for "Baby Essie!" He has a tendency to continue praying for people long after the concern has passed. He began praying for her before she made it home to Alabama!
I hear you on the sewing getting out of hand. I don't know how you did what you did. I would love some extra money and people to sew for, but I don't want to get bogged down with it.
Enough rambling from me, good to hear from you again and good luck with the last 12. I am trying to get motivated to do something about my weight and health. I will have a 30 yr reunion to go to in 2 years. I was pregnant for my last one, so I'd like to be "rockin' some cool outfit for the next one!!!
Love ya! Kim

Laurie said...

I'm here! I've missed keeping up with you and I tend to go in spurts on Facebook! Keep up the good work on the diet. You can do it!

laura p said...

So glad you are back!

Mary Ann said...

Glad to see your post!!!! Just keep running girl! Don't worry as much about your diet as the exercise. Thats why I run 6 days a week.Also drink nothing but water. Cut out all other drinks! I have finally made it to my goal weight after 3 1/2 mo. of running. BUt still do not weight what I weighed before the adoptions. Once you up it to 5-6 days a week you will be hungry all the time! Eat protein! You can do it girl! I also lift light weights in the evening too! I do about 18 dif. exercise , I started out at 15 reps each exercise. Just arm exercises and then squats and lungs. I am up to 25 reps now. I started out with 3 lb. weights and now I use 5 lb. weights. I lost 4 lbs in the first 2 months lifting. You will loose alot faster with weights then running, but it is so much easier! It only takes me about 15- 20 min a night.I have really loved having your encouragement with my running! You have kept me going! You know how hard running is and sometimes you just want to give up. Esp. at first.... I love it now, it is in my blood! Thanks girl!


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