Monday, November 30, 2009

Look what I won

A while back I won this gorgeous tray from Miss Mustard Seed…. She redid it for me, and I am IN LOVE…. Go check her out for the whole story….

Thanks, Marian! I can’t wait to use it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

blooming camellias and Christmas ruffles


Ok, peeps. It’s November the 29th, and wouldya look at my camellia bushes??? They are CONFUSED… They think it’s SPRING! Where else in the world do you have flowering bushes while you’re hanging your outside wreaths???  Paradise, people. Paradise.


I’ve been cutting these babies for the last week and sticking them in vases all over the place. They’re always gone WAY too quickly!


Here’s a confused azalea too…..


How about a bush tall enough to be a tree full of confusion?? Welcome to winter in the DEEP south!


Where have I been you ask? I’ve been working on these:


See this adorable tree?? Looks simple enough huh?? WRONG. There are 8 steps to this baby, 2 fabrics, and 3 thread changes….


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this vintage ornament with single initial….


I also love me some ruffles…


All packed up and ready to go….Don’t they look precious all sitting on my Christmas tablecloth with those balls in the background??? Does this qualify as a tablescape?? :)


My girls’ casual Christmas outfits…. I LOVE the way these turned out. Those jeans are to.die.for in person. I am going to offer a set like this for Valentine’s day with a reversible top and versatile bottom….




Essie told me she needed to “cheese” with Rosie (our model).


Andrew took this Thursday. This is so THEM. sigh


Lastly, I can’t help myself. I have to show off my great nephew, John Thomas….We all eat him up every chance we get….


I can’t stand it….LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby boy!


I also love the fact that I’m 39 and have small kids with my nieces! THAT is fun!


Love and hugs from this old lady GREAT AUNT!

Monday, November 23, 2009

from 70’s nightmare to French country dream… journey to my hutch ;)

I just linked up to the Hutch Party at Sanctuary Arts from Home.

Edited to add: My mama informed me this piece is from the 50's.....not the 70's.

One day a while back my mom and I were strolling through downtown Fairhope looking in our antique and thrift stores. We had been through several, and nothing had caught my eye until I saw this baby: Now to most people it would look dated and…..well…..kinda ugly, but I knew better. What really sold me on this piece was the fact that my mama has this exact piece in a larger size. I grew up with this piece, and I’ve seen it in many different paint colors and finishes. I KNEW what it could be…..At $300 this piece was more costly than my normal thrift finds, but it is a great piece of furniture….solid wood construction….velvet lined drawers….well worth the price (Which was 40% off by the way). It was on layaway for a couple of months (yes layaway), and then Andrew brought her home……


Believe it or not, this $2.99 plate from TJMaxx was the inspiration for my piece….I KNEW I wanted that blue with brown detailing on my piece, and I went from there…..


We sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and then rolled on 2 coats of antique white. It covered very well.


After the paint was dry I rubbed some Smoke glaze on to antique it.


And here she is today! I love it and what it does for our dining area. It’s now the focal point, and I look at it constantly! I am in furniture love……..


The back panel and recessed doors are painted Halycon Green and glazed. I love the original hardware, and I think it looks amazing on the piece now it’s redone.


Right now it’s covered with my thrifty finds, but my Santa dishes and Santa Clauses are on their way!


another view:


Before and after

101_1109 101_1553

This piece was so much fun, and I can’t wait to find my next piece that needs a little lovin’!

I’m linking this to:

Metamorphosis Monday

and Miss Mustard Seed on Friday.

Friday, November 20, 2009

And the winner is:

~ RM said...
I'd love a chance to win

CONGRATS , RM!!!! Email me at, and I'll put you in touch with Leslee to redeem your gift certificate! This was so much fun.....Check back for more giveaways soon!

Please accept my apology Pottery barn

Dear Pottery Barn,

Let me just tell you that I fell in love with these beauties on your website:


The lines…..the bases….the simplicity. Do you want to know what I didn’t love Oh Great Pottery Barn?? The price. Now, I love you Dear Sweet PB, but $39-$59 EACH? Don’t you know I have 4 children to take care of?? This is where the apology comes in. Yesterday I went to my favorite store Hobby Lobby, and I bought the pieces to knock off your fabulous Avery Hurricanes.

This week HL has all their glassware at 50% off…..and see those candlesticks? I got them for 66% off, because they have a few little chips around the edge… Let me break that down for you….2 Hurricanes at $3.49 and 2 banged up candlesticks for $1.97 each for a total of $10.98 to make TWO of your hurricanes….Are you feeling a bit blue right now? I’m REALLY sorry if I hurt your feelings….


So, Dear Pottery Barn, I put a ring of hot glue around the rim of my candlesticks and popped my babies right on. For a little over $5 each and in less than 5 minutes I had successfully knocked off your $59 hurricanes.


These babies will be stylin’ and profilin’ front and center on my Thanksgiving table…..Here they are practicing their debut:


Theirs: $39-59 each.                        Mine: Around $10 for TWO!

Avery Hurricane, Medium101_1558


So, thanks for the idea Pottery Barn. I do LOVE your store and drool over all your products… I just LIKE my price better.

Keep up the good work, Pottery Barn!

love and kisses,

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be prepared to hate me just a little…..and let’s have a linky favorite thrift party!

My friends,

You are looking at the BEST deal I think I’ve ever gotten I was searching Craig’s List a few weeks ago, and just typed in vintage ironstone for the heck of it……After I pressed enter I almost passed out…….

See all of this lurverlyness?? See the 12 dinner plates, the 12 salad plates, the 12 dessert cups??


Do you see the 12 saucers that go with 12 gorgeous cups??


Do you see those 12 soup bowls???


The soup tureen, the gravy tureen, the platter? the 3 veggie bowls and the coffee pot?


the 12 DIVINE cups with the gorgeous handles?


The darlin' sugar and creamer??


and the soup tureen one more time just because I CAN’T STAND IT?? Folks, I got ALL THIS LOOT for $100. Yep. $100. That’s about $1 per piece…. I know….it’s unfair…..not right….and ALL MINE! I can’t wait to decorate my Thanksgiving table with all this lurverlyness…. I know I’ve used that word twice…. I just can’t seem to help myself…..


and while I’m bragging about the fabulous things at my house let me show you the 2 MOST fabulous things that live in my house:


Whoo Hooooo Mommy!!! I LOVE it when you’re thrifty!


Here are my little preshies in their ROLL TIDE ROLL outfits mommy made them…..


I know they’re mine people, but aren’t they just the cutest little things you’ve ever seen in your life?? This mama is blessed.


Now that I’ve shown you my favorite thrift ever (and my cute kids) won’t you share your favorite thrift of all time with me?? I would LOVE to come visit you and see all your scores.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wanna get my hands on this

Michael Miller Sweets Coffee & Donuts Lime/Multi

and this:

Michael Miller Sweets Tea Time MultiMichael Miller Sweets Cakes Multi

That coordinate with this:

Michael Miller Sweets Sprinkles PinkMichael Miller Sweets Ice Cream Dot Chocolate

and this

Michael Miller Sweets Hearts MultiMichael Miller Sweets Stripey Spring

and finally, this:

Michael Miller Sweets Jester Diamonds  Petal

Isn’t this fabric true EYE CANDY? I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! I can just see a little dress and matching bloomer…..or a ruffled pant with aline top…..there are so many possibilities…. A cute apron to go over jeans or an apron skirt? A grown up apron for MOMMIES! Which are your favorites? I am going to choose 2 combinations to make new sets for my girls and to sell a few… I would love your opinions…… Which fabric is making you drool?? These are making me wanna go eat cupcakes….back away from the computer, Loulou……Back away!

Don't forget to scroll down to enter in the vinyl decal giveaway! The winner will be chosen on Friday night!


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