Sunday, November 29, 2009

blooming camellias and Christmas ruffles


Ok, peeps. It’s November the 29th, and wouldya look at my camellia bushes??? They are CONFUSED… They think it’s SPRING! Where else in the world do you have flowering bushes while you’re hanging your outside wreaths???  Paradise, people. Paradise.


I’ve been cutting these babies for the last week and sticking them in vases all over the place. They’re always gone WAY too quickly!


Here’s a confused azalea too…..


How about a bush tall enough to be a tree full of confusion?? Welcome to winter in the DEEP south!


Where have I been you ask? I’ve been working on these:


See this adorable tree?? Looks simple enough huh?? WRONG. There are 8 steps to this baby, 2 fabrics, and 3 thread changes….


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this vintage ornament with single initial….


I also love me some ruffles…


All packed up and ready to go….Don’t they look precious all sitting on my Christmas tablecloth with those balls in the background??? Does this qualify as a tablescape?? :)


My girls’ casual Christmas outfits…. I LOVE the way these turned out. Those jeans are to.die.for in person. I am going to offer a set like this for Valentine’s day with a reversible top and versatile bottom….




Essie told me she needed to “cheese” with Rosie (our model).


Andrew took this Thursday. This is so THEM. sigh


Lastly, I can’t help myself. I have to show off my great nephew, John Thomas….We all eat him up every chance we get….


I can’t stand it….LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby boy!


I also love the fact that I’m 39 and have small kids with my nieces! THAT is fun!


Love and hugs from this old lady GREAT AUNT!


Mandy said...

We still have some flowers too! A rose bush that is more gorgeous now than it was a few months ago -- and thats here in Ohio. I put up the outside Christmas lights yesterday, it was 60 and I wore a t-shirt. I wouldn't be opposed to winter staying just like it is now.

Those outfits are stunning!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Those outfits are adorable! I love the ruffles! I used to get things like that for my daughter ~ although they were few and far between because those were usually the expensive outfits. My geraniums seem to be hanging on, which is kind of weird to see at the end of November. We've been having some mild temperatures.

I always wanted to try to do large peppermint lollipops as a decoration outside. I'll bet it's probably easy enough to make {although I think they must sell them}. Covering the "lollipop" portion with clear plastic and tied off with a pretty ribbon. I think that would look cute in flower boxes.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I am eating this post up! Precious curly headed babies, adorable little girlies, sweet teenaged boys who so obviously LOVE their baby sisters, and to die for clothing!!! LOVE, love, love the single ornament with the initial! PRECIOUS. You've been a busy bee, my friend.


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