Monday, November 2, 2009

only because I love you all so….

I am going to share my best kept secret with you guys….. A little gem of a shop tucked away in Grand Bay, AL with the best items at prices you will swoon over…. I met Tracey at White House Antiques a couple of months ago, and I have COMPLETELY fallen in love with her store…. I’ve been buying small things from her constantly….She holds them for me, and I drive over every so often to pick them up. Tracey is going to start shipping smaller items. EVEN after you pay shipping for some of these things they are still a STEAL…still a steal?? That sounded so funny together! When I do the big hutch reveal this week I’m going to show you just how much stuff came from Tracey…. I realized the Christian thing to do was to share her with you instead of keeping her all to myself ;) I’m trying to be a better person! Go over and have a looksee at her precious shop. She is a fabulous girlie, and I just know you’ll love her…. If you buy something tell her Loulou sent you!


Welcome to White House Antiques… My kinda store…. Look at that fabulous veranda bed….. How fabulous would that look on my Fairhope Front Porch? $100!


A little peek at the inside… See that bird cage? Bought it. $6. Don’t hate me. See that window propped up against that $100 loverly pink damask sofa? I bought it too….These items will be unveiled in a later post….


Some more yummy eye candy. Tracey has ALL kinds of cute distressed mirrors.




Yummy deals in every crook and cranny…..


See this fabulous armoire filled with drawers and SPACE?? Adorably distressed with white and aqua??

$300. Walk don’t run.


Damask chair that is a sister to the couch shown above? $50. I can see that wood painted antique white….Swoon.


I would love to keep Tracey all to myself the selfish thrifter that I am, but you’re supposed to share with your friends.  Aren’t you??  Really?? Isn’t that what our mamas told us we HAD to do?? I’m sharing. It’s a GOOD thing….Really, it’s good to share…..:)



Lou Cinda said...

How funny!! Love her store too!! Wish I was closer!! I saw tons of stuff I want!

Lou Cinda :)

Mary Ann said...

That is totally my kind of place. I am a Shabby Chic English Cottage Kinda Girl! Wish I lived closer we could go shop the junk shops together! I love it!

kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Oh man, I would be there all the time. We have this chain of thrift stores called HIS HOUSE. It's a christian ministry for recovering alcholic men. Anyway, the owner goes to auctions every Monday. They have the best stuff. It's where I shop all the time.
I wanted to tell you I posted a part 1 of a chair cushion cover tutorial. If you want to take a look.
I love the post about your 2 baby daughters.

Laurie said...

Looks like lots of fabulous finds! Shhh, don't tell my mom or I will have to find a place for more stuff we don't have room for or need! K? Thanks! :)

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...


When are we going??? I am in love already! said...

Amanda.... LOL. The world DID stop the first time I went in there....We'll go whenever you come for girl's weekend...We probably need a 3 day weekend to cover all we're gonna do!


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