Wednesday, November 11, 2009

when good ideas turn bad….then turn into something better ;)

So, I had this dark mirror… It did nothing on this wall. I have SO much dark stuff, and I’m trying to lighten things up. I decided one night that I would do an ivory paint wash over the frame to lighten things up……


Hmmmmmm, didn’t turn out so hot……


Honestly, it was fugly. Seriously fugly.


I have WAY too many things going at one time. Redoing our master is one of the million projects. One night last week that giant idea light bulb went off…. I took this mirror into my kitchen craft area and gave her a couple coats of Halycon green….love that stuff. Then I painted it with some smoke glaze to age it a bit…… Painted on….wiped off….hit more in the crevices…..


Now, she’s PERFECT in our master.  I love the way this mirror looks leaning on this antique chest.


It has JUST enough brown from the glaze….



Now, I’m in love with this mirror. I never thought I would use it here, but it’s like it was MADE for this spot. Now it shares the bad flash lighting  spotlight with my $6 rustic pitcher from TJ Maxx filled with sticks from a plant I killed  saved especially for this project. That gorgeous dove? $5 clearance at the Maxx…. I LOVE ME SOME MAXX! Slowly but surely this bedroom is becoming a place I love to be….. It’s so much fun turning things you already have into “better” things. I love the feeling of pride I get when I look around my house and see the things I’ve made…the projects I’ve undertaken. It makes it so much more MY home.  Isn’t that our overall goal?? To have US in our houses…..

On another note: that wall where the brown mirror was hanging has had a TOTAL redo….I guess that means that I’m now down to 999,999 projects. Well, at least one’s outta the way! ;) Happy homemaking!



Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I am in LOVE with the color of that mirror now! Tell me more about this green paint?

CAn't wait to see more of the room redo!

Christine said...

I love the mirror! So glad it turned out to be something better than you imagined!!


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