Wednesday, September 22, 2010

let me console you….

I have been on a journey…a journey towards a room of my own….a place I can go and be surrounded by things and colors I love… a mommy den! I decided recently to change our walkthrough den into a space of my own. I knew I wanted to incorporate my sewing machine, which meant that I needed more storage. I knew that I wanted antique and vintage pieces. I also knew that I had to do it with NO money. Well. ALMOST no money. I started looking around my house and at things I had in storage. I was thrilled to find that I had almost everything I needed to make my room special. Although I had the pieces, everyone of them needed to be redone. I was so excited! Picking out new colors and planning how to reuse items is one of my favorite things to do in the world. I knew that I wanted a small TV for my mommy den. Something small that wouldn’t be THE focus of the room. I remembered this piece from storage and KNEW it would be perfect for holding the TV.


I don’t know if you can tell from that picture, but this baby was UGLY! WAY overvarnished and SHINY…. Super shiny. Super shiny and dinged up! I took off the hardware and stripped the top. I restained the top in dark walnut and painted the bottom in SW’s halycon green. I then distressed it and glazed over the entire piece to give it a vintage look.


I am now in LOVE with this piece. It looks like it lived the first part of it’s life in an old French farmhouse…not that I’ve ever been in one, BUT it’s the way I picture them :) I spray painted the original knobs in ORB and rubbed a little off. I removed the metal pieces that were originally under the drawers, and I like the look of the piece so much more without them.


I decided against having a very dark top. I just rubbed the stain in until I achieved my desired color. I’m happy with the way it contrasts with the paint.


The detailing at the bottom. Yeah. I hate those cords. I need to work on that….


Here she is in the room. I know I’m only teasing you guys with the one wall. The rest is coming up in installments. I’m not sure about the pieces on the console, but I LOVE the shelf with the platter and ironstone.

The wall color isn’t quite that orange…. It looks mighty bright in the pictures… It’s actually a deep terra cotta color that looks gorgeous with all my blues and greens. I can’t wait to show you the rest! I had such an amazing time redoing this piece and all the others in the room. This project was completely FREE for me. I had all the things I needed as well as the console itself. Not bad for free. What do you think?

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Shelby said...

Stunning Lou - you are very talented - now if you just lived a little closer I have a few pieces you could work your magic on!!

Kelli said...

I am just dropping by from the link party and I had to tell you how cute that turned out! I have a coffee table that I am planning to redo in a similar way. Your's turned out great!

Laurie said...

You are just amazing! I LOVE everything you have done!

Susan said...

Very nice transformation. So happy you now have your mommy room! Great job on the console! Susan

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

That is such a pretty table. I love the scrolly bottom party. Look very french country now especially since you took off the metal things. Love the color too.

kathie said...

This is gorgeous! Those lines underneath are fabulous :) I love it! You asked where I get my 'treasures'... truthfully, most of them come from the goodwill. We have 2 great GW's here in North Atlanta, and I stop by a few times a week at each of them. Sometimes I leave empty handed, but sometimes I hit the jackpot! I also hit the thrift stores sometimes, and have a favorite 'junk' store too!

Kim W said...

Love it. You do great work. Can't wait to see the rest. And maybe a new picture or two of those sweet girls (and the growing up too fast handsome boys!).


Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Loulou!
How are you?! I love what you did for this piece...and for free! How cool that you already had it in storage.
Show me those chairs!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Lou Lou, thanks for stopping by! What fabulous pics from Jamaica, you 2 are a beautiful couple. Loved NY & had such a great time. Welcome back to blogging.

Bia said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the color you chose!

Michelle Smiles said...

I likey. I need to teach myself to do some of that refinishing stuff.

Traci said...

This looks stunning - so much better than before. I love the color! Just perfect.


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