Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Playing around with my girlies in the backyard....

One of the best things about our new digs is the fenced in amazing backyard. The babies love it..... It's already in the high 70's and low 80's here in Alabama, so we've been enjoying outside while we can..... It'll be in the 90's before we know it..... I've been sewing like a maniac and trying to get all the little things straight in the house...... I'll take some pictures after this weekend when we get some more little things taken care of...... For now, I'll leave you with some pictures of the princessas:

Can you just see the attitude this girl has??

I know I'm cool......
This picture cracks me up..... It looks like she's doing crunches!
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Mom2noah said...

Aren't they just the CUTEST things! I love it! :)


JuJu - said...

cute babies - I love y'all:)

lisa kindred said...


Have to say I was amazed when I saw your post. You go girl! Does not surprise me to hear you just moved and already all settled in. You are an amazing woman! Sure you are thrilled to be close to your parents. Would love to catch up. Give me a call sometime. Love and miss ya! LIsa


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