Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This season of my life....

You want to know what season I'm in??? It's called CRAZY season... Really. It's crazy....crazy busy, crazy fun, crazy lovin'...... We all know that toddlers are....................well............................ crazy. At least all 4 of mine have been. Logan and Hayden were little boy crazy.... Running all around the house, climbing on all the furniture, wanting everything their way... Hey, wait a minute. That sounds like AP and EK ;) We were supposed to be in Orlando right now for my nieces graduation. At the last minute we decided not to go. Andrew said the thought of being trapped in a hotel room with 4 kids reminded him too much of Guatemala and being trapped in the Marriott. It was supposed to be raining like crazy down there, and nothing could be worse than being trapped. in a hotel. in the rain. not able to go to parks. no swimming. You get the picture. We had also gone through some crap with one of our teenagers last week, and it was just TOO much. Does anybody else understand this??? That sometimes a vacation is the LAST thing you need??? That's where I am. Megan told me that in another year I will be breezing with the kids.....that traveling will be so much easier. I'm holding her to that!!! I don't want to wish away the terrible 2's though... I will NEVER get this time back. Essie is still so much like a baby, and sometimes I wish I could freeze her right now. Then I come back to my senses ;)
On the exercise front, I'm still going at it.... It's been 5 weeks of exercise, and my scale is STILL stuck at 7 pounds. I KNOW I have to be gaining some muscle or SOMETHING. Yesterday while I was climbing the mountain back up to my house I was envisioning my body using that fat...KILL THE FAT!!!! I'm not giving up and expecting one week to weigh and 5 pounds or so will have mysteriously disappeared....
I'm leaving you with some of my favorites from the last week or two.... Love you guys. Mean it!

Sassy Essie

How sweet is this face?

Look at this girlie! Who would have EVER thought her hair would look like this?? Remember all those crazy hair baby pictures??

Little, I mean angel. ;)
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Muriel and Jerry said...

I know how you feel. We are planning a vacation to Fairhope! Hopefully this fall! Would love to see you.

Laurie said...

I totally understand not going to Orlando! Sounds like a good decision considering the rain! I can't believe how big AP and EK are and you are so right that these days will fly by all too quickly. I can't belive Bella is already 4 and today is her last day of school in the 3 year old program! Next year it's uniforms and the 4 year olds!

Sarah said...

I'm right there with you, sister! Teenagers and toddlers could drive a girl to drink... er, drink more! Hoping this season of your life does not pass so quickly that you don't remember the tender sweet baby moments with your beautiful girls!

We are leaving for Orlando next weekend and hopefully the rain will have blown by and be out of there!

Love ya!!

burpittyburp said...

YEAH pics of Miss Essie on her birthday!!!!
Keep working at it, it will come off, you ROCK! One step at a time:)

Kim W said...

The girls look great. AP's hair has come along way!! lol I too may be in that crazy season. I think mine comes from a seven year old boy becoming all boy and a college junior girl trying to find her way. EEWWW!!!! But it will all calm down soon, maybe, and then what will we do???
Love ya!


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