Wednesday, May 12, 2010

to blog or not to blog…..that is the question.

I enjoy reading blogs and visiting a party here and there. It does seem to me that now parties are EVERYWHERE......I started blogging years ago when we were adopting our first daughter from Guatemala. I blogged to share my thoughts and feelings. I invited people into my life and made tons of lifelong friends. That in itself was enough for me. It seems now that blogging has turned into an industry. Who has the most hits? Who's most popular? Who has the best party?? Sorry. It's just the way I feel. I miss the old blogging world when people blogged just to blog..... To freely share their inspirations, ideas, and lives without trying to make a business out of it. I'm sure I'll get blasted for this, but it IS the way I feel. I do appreciate those that go to all the work to put on these shindigs....My blog is not my life or my business though. It’s just a fun little outlet to use here and there….Am I the only one who feels this way?  All the advertising has almost turned me off from the blogging world. I have plenty of projects that I’ve completed but not blogged about….. I can’t decide if I want to go in that direction or keep this blog the way it was first intended…a little snapshot into my crazy life. I’m sure that all of my readers and followers have gone on their merry way, as it’s been so long since I blogged. If anyone is still here I’d give you a high 5 if I could reach through this screen….. Instead I’ll share some recent pictures. After all, these are the best projects I’ve ever worked on!













Jenglamgirl said...

Hi LouLou~ Those are some amazing projects wink wink!

I can totally agree with you!!! However, I am one who has had tons of fun showing DIY decorating posts on my blog... larsenloves... and I do enjoy linking up. I LOVE that for me I incorporate a bunch of stuff.. I mean "LarsenLoves" was created to talk about my LOVES~ my family the Larsens, but also stuff I love. Like I said I do many different posts.. from fashion fridays.. to This and That Thurs. to tidbits about life and my family along with pics. and funny mommy stories. I agree and hear what you are saying. Blogging truly should (my opinon) be about your life, a way to capture family doings and special events. Now, a days it just seem like a big competition in a way... just like you were saying. I really enjoy this post of yours because I have felt this way many times. I also was enjoying the feed back with my crafts that I was creating and then blogging about on Larsenloves... then I realized so many woman love CRAFT blogs.. that I finally created a craft blog because I didn't want Larsenloves to turn into a craft blog. Well here is my take.. you just blog the way you love to blog and don't worry about others. Write and blog from your heart. Sorry for the long comment. Jenn

Tammy@InStitches said...

Hi Loulou, I wondered where you went. Glad to see you and your family looking good !

Michelle Smiles said...

Blogging has changed a lot since I started my blog 4 years ago. I have been to a blogging conference a couple of times that is hosted here in my town and 80% of it is people wanting to know how to make money, increase their traffic, get google hits, etc. I have no interest in that. I go to the conference to meet people I know and adore through their blogs. They always ask my goal for my goal is a therapeutic outlet that allows friends and family to check in on what is going on in our house. I have met some of the most amazing folks through blogging...I love the relationships formed. My traffic doesn't matter.

Laurie said...

I'm with you Lou. I don't WANT to be the most popular. Maybe because I'm in the technology industry I get skeert about too many strangers knowing about my business! It's too easy to take pictures off my blog and do whatever. I like the old days when people just blogged about simple things! Love the pictures. Looks like the beach agreed with all ya'll! :)

Stephanie said...

Hey girlie!! I agree totally..which is why I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I can do what I want to do on Facebook, and not feel like I have to keep up with the Jones'! By the way...the pics at the beach are FABULOSO!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Loulou! Glad to see your post! I guess everyone starts their blog for different reasons and mine was as an extension of my business. It became so much more as I allowed more of my personality to come through.

I got a call this week from someone who read my blog! I have a consultation with her this Saturday. My blog {she said} told her that I was down to earth and she felt I was someone she could work with. I'd consider my blog a success for my business just from that one phone call!

At any rate, you do what you need to do ~ your family is wonderful and the "project" totally deserving of your full attention!

Alleen said...

I agree 100%. I have seen some nasty stuff in the blog world all because of the love of money!

My poor little blog has fallen by the wayside as of late. I really, really need to get back to it as there are some people that don't keep up with us on Facebook.

I vote to keep your little blog just as it is.

~ Regan said...

(still here, LouLou!)
I think everyone feels the way you do at one time or another... Point is, to ignore all that and enjoy yourself.
Hope you still continue to blog- I really like to see all your projects!

P.S. Your family is just beautiful!

Tonya Boster said...

I check in with you on your blog every now and then. I haven't blogged in about 9 months. Mine was a way to share my adoption journey as well. I do like visiting blogs to keep up with stories and see pics as well, but I don't like any advertising or such either. I love your all's beach pics. Kiddos are precious!:)

The Clines said...

You have a beautiful family!
I say blog when and what you want to blog! It's your blog and you can blog if you want to!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...I so agree! I link up to one only, and this one I don't have to do anything special, just add the post I have already done to theirs.
I don't like at the posts that look more like a business than a blog...thats not what I go to a blog to see and visit for! It's a real turn off for me too, Come say hi :D

Heidi said...

Couldn't have been better said. I found your blog from one of them out there. The thing that is starting to turn me off is all the giveaways! It's just to promote more readers. I enjoy looking at some fun home inspiration and lovely pictures, but do whatever I feel like on our blog. We've adopted our daughter as well. :)

Our Complete Family said...

I agree 100% with what you said... to the very last letter! It's just too much 'hub-ub' nowadays. I miss the way it was, too.
The beach pics are fun ones! The tutu butt shot is a riot! Caroline has the same tutu bathing suit.

Lorie said...

I think there are a lot of different reasons people blog and I think there is more than enough room for all of them!

I think it is great that you blog to share. Keep it up!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Hey my sweet friend Lou...I missed you! I understand where you're coming from. Things seemed to have changed alot since I started blogging a year and a half ago. I started my blog as a creative outlet and I have loved it so much. I have made some treasured friends through blogging. My blog grew more than I ever thought it would, but I don't care about that. People ask me all the time how many hits I get or what my ranking is...I don't even know how to check that! They think I'm crazy. But that is not why I blog. I do it because I love the sense of community, the outlet to share ideas and inspiration, and the encouragement I need to try projects I never thought I could do! I totally see your point, does seem like a big competition sometimes and I just do not like that at all! I say blog about what you love and what is important to you and the people who matter will always be here!

Love you

p.s......the butt shot is CLASSIC! We have the same swimsuits...too funny. We really were sperated at birth!

Kim W said...

Glad to see an update from your world. Ya'll look great! The kids have really grown and look like they are having a blast.

Blogging really has changed since the early days when I was watching ya'lls process of bringing AP, then baby Essie (as my son still sometimes prays) home. While I enjoy other type of blogs somewhat, I really enjoy family ones. I'm now getting to follow my cousin's son and his wife's Ethiopian adoption process!

Take care and have a great summer!

Lisa said...

I just had to say hats off to you for voicing a honest opinion. I've been discouraged myself of late as I have watched some of my favorite blogs morph into a commercial abyss of sorts. Your blog can and should be any darn thing you wish. No chasing the latest fad for me. Your family is precious and indeed the priority "project" that will never go out of style :)

Julie P said...

Still reading. Still blogging. I think you should blog what you want when you want. As moms so little we do is for us and I like to think blogging is something I do for me. It feels good.
I love your creative/sewing/decorating - its pretty inspirational. And BTW those swimsuits ROCK - love the butt picture - so cute.
Take Care


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