Friday, December 10, 2010

My little family

I told my boys that ALL I wanted for Christmas was a family picture. With them cooperating. And not fussing or pouting or refusing to smile… You know. Stuff like that. I had scheduled a session before the big bad health episode last week, but I was determined to go…. I put on an entire tube of concealer and totally faked feeling good. I got real dizzy a few times, but the photographer was so sweet and understanding. I haven’t seen the entire disk yet, but these are some of the ones she sent me…

Ok. This = MIRACLE. All 6 of us. Smiling. AND kinda looking in the same direction.


How cool is this? It’s a wall in downtown Fairhope that the photographer had been dying to shoot… Look at Anne Pearce copying the way her daddy had his foot propped on the wall. :)


My men. They mean the world to me. The entire world.


The brothers and the sisters


The boys DID get to go home earlier while we finished up… This is a REAL happy picture…


These boys are amazing young men. I’m so proud of them. There are no words…. Have I mentioned they are my heart?


Would you ever believe this precious angel face is a total bad ass? Yes, I cussed on my blog, but she IS…. Bad and perfect. :)


My sweet little Essie Kate Babycakes…. She is definitely the sweetest of all my kids… and tiny. This thing is 3 and a half and still weighs 27 lbs.


Sometimes I stop and remind myself what a miracle moments like these are…. These girls could have been in an orphanage or worse but for the GRACE of God Himself. They are so special to us and everyone who knows them. I can’t tell you what a blessing they are to me. God used them to save ME.


Serious happiness


All 4 of my darlins


This little woman is so gorgeous she takes my breath away…. Isn’t she amazing?


And this one?? Ahhhhh. I could live in those dimples.


My man. My love. My rock.


Thanks for humoring me and my mommy pride. I am just so filled with love and gratitude for the honor of being wife to Andrew and Mama to my kids… God couldn’t have given me a better life. We all have rough patches in our lives like I did last week. The key is praising Him through every storm. Every fainting spell. Every time your kids drive you nuts. Every time we’re overwhelmed. We are blessed beyond measure. This Christmas is SO special to me…. My girls are GETTING it… They are old enough to really feel the love of Jesus and to start realizing that when God gave us His Son, He saved us all. What could be a better present than that?

Merry Christmas.

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Sanctuary Home said...

You have a beautiful family! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but you can't tell in the pictures. I am a fairly new follower, so I don't know the girl's story, but they are precious.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great pictures, Lou Lynn! You look good, I'd never know you weren't feeling up to it. Great shots with the kids and the kids on their own. I expect you will have quite a few of these going on at your house! : )

Tara Lauren said...

Great pictures! All the best over the holiday season!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Precious, precious pictures of a BEAUTIFUL family!
All the best this holiday season!~Hugs, Patti

Anonymous said...

I love the family pictures!!

Kim W said...

Beautiful pictures. What an awesome Christmas present!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!

mommaofonediva said...

what darling pictures. beautiful family and you look awesome!

Shelby said...

The pictures are fantastic. I bet you are thrilled that the boys co-operated!

Julie Harward said...

So very gorgeous...what a beautiful family! :D

High Street Cottage said...

What a lovely family Lou, you're so very blessed. Do you know, I was almost an adoptive Mum? Yep, but it's just my Hubby and I, we're still very much fine with that, but the opportunity came along, we declined, not out of lack of love , but more self sacrifice, and due to our ages etc. But, when I see you, I am completely inspired, you make my heart sing, hugs tami

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Such a gorgeous family you have! You are very blessed!

Janine said...

What beautiful pictures. I cannot get over how well they all came out. To get everyone doing what they are meant to ... a MIRACLE!!! What an awesome Christmas pressie for any proud mommy.
Also wanted to say THANK YOU for your very encouraging and honest comment on my post today. It's comforting to know that most of us moms feel tried and tested in similar ways. How precious to have each other to encourage along the way. Big hugs to you xxx

Julie P said...

Beautiful Pictures - gorgeous family - and you look great1


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