Thursday, December 9, 2010

Needle and Thread Thursday Featuring a super twirly girly skirt, amazing bows, and embroidery! A giveaway is included of course!

I like using unexpected fabric combinations and unusual fabrics. I also love classics, but I love the fun and funky. I’ve made several Christmas sets for my girls this season, but I think this one is my favorite:


I used Pink Fig’s Girly Skirt pattern. It’s my favorite go to skirt pattern. I’ve made it TONS of times for my girls, and it never disappoints. Don’t be scared of the gathering. It’s really simple and gives this skirt some serious TWIRL!

Girly Skirt-Pink Fig, Girls Skirt Patterns, Girly Skirt

When I saw this fabric by Riley Blake back in August it was fabric love at first sight! I love that it’s not so traditional and that it’s very retro looking. I love the blue, orange, red, and green funky trees. I can’t really tell you where to get this fabric, as most Christmas fabrics are hard to find. I’m sure you could find some on Etsy if you really wanted it.

LAST ONE Colorful Christmas Fabric by Mind's Eye for Riley Blake, Trees in Blue- 1 Yard

I originally thought I would use this print from the same line for the drop waist AND the hem.

Colorful Christmas Fabric by Mind's Eye for Riley Blake, Christmas Stripe in Green- Fat Quarter

When I was getting all my fabrics ready for cutting I spied this tangerine ta dot by Michael Miller in my stash, and I KNEW I had to add some of it.

Now I know orange isn’t a TYPICAL Christmas color, but that’s what makes it so fun! Isn’t it all precious together?


Since the fabric was retro and funky I wanted a fun shirt as well. I’m always looking for solid tees during the year to embellish and monogram. I had these blue ones from The Children’s Place in my shirt stash, and they worked perfectly. I used the Peace Love Christmas applique from Embroidery Boutique. I have a monogramming machine that I use often, but it’s not difficult to do something like this without one….I’m going to feature a tutorial on embellishing soon. It’s so easy and adds so much!


I put little leggings on under the skirt, and the girls are ready to roll! I paired this outfit with our orange polka dot shoes from my buddy Melissa over at Bella Nova Squeaky Shoes. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many pairs we have. I will say that for the cost of 2 pairs of Puddle Jumper shoes each I got my girls TONS! We wear them every single day, and they hold up wonderfully. Melissa didn’t ask me to go on and on about her shoes. I just love them that much!


I love this little smirk…..and the smirker :)


Please pardon Essie’s “I’m too busy watching Dora’s Christmas special to pose for you look”. I always get matching bows for my outfits. I have used my buddy Stacy at Little Clippies ever since I was waiting for Anne Pearce to come home. I can’t even begin to estimate how many we have…. Do you see this double layer 3 color bow?? UNDER $4! Stacy makes the best quality bows with the most amazing colors and styles for CHEAP! I don’t know how she does it. I only buy my bows from her…. I get so much more for my money….


I made both these outfits in an afternoon…. I sewed here and there while I did other things with the girls…

I hope that all this is starting to motivate some of you to get sewing. If you can read the manual for your sewing machine you can make these patterns. I’ve started you with EASY patterns that don’t require fancy sewing skills… This skirt is straight stitching ONLY. Easy Peasy I promise….

Now for the giveaway!

My Sweet Terri from Fairytale frocks and lollipops is giving one winner The Girly Skirt pattern by pink fig! Terri has the BEST pattern selection I have EVER seen. She has ALL the best patterns…. so many you won’t believe.

Stacy at Little Clippies is giving one winner a $20 gift certificate! You can go bow crazy! You won’t believe how far $20 goes at Little Clippies….

How do you win? It’s easy.

1. Leave a comment telling me anything you want about sewing, except don’t tell me you can’t do it. :) Yes, Kathy, I’m talking to you!

2. Go visit Terri at Fairytale frocks and Lollipops. Browse her patterns and choose one you would like me to review or do a sew along for.( I’m starting those after Christmas. We’ll take a pattern step by step together and sew something!) Hop back over here, and let me know which one or ones you’d like to see.

3. Go visit Stacy at Little Clippies and see which style of bow you like the best. My favorite is the double layer… LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Leave me another comment telling me your favorite.

4. Blog or facebook about the giveaway with a link back to the post. Leave me a comment telling me which you did… Do both for 2 more entries…

I’ll choose 2 winners next Wednesday night at 7 pm using a random generator.

Good luck, and Happy Sewing!

Love and hugs,

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Julie Harward said...

Oh my...these are so very cute! Good job! The little girls are just so darling, what a blessing to have such cuties! :D

HOGGE_4 said...

I love the birthday bows at little clippies! expecting one in the mail now!

HOGGE_4 said...

how adorable would #MBD101P Bon-Bon Baby Shoes be from Fairytale frocks and lollipops??

HOGGE_4 said...

I love the look of these well made homemade things, i however am not sure if i could do it!

Princess D said...

I would love to learn how to sew! I would love to do a project with your help for my daughter! I like the Pink Fig Girly Skirt Pattern from Fairytale Frocks.

Princess D said...

I like the Triple Layer Bow in XL :-) My Guat Girl has a lot of hair!

Kim W said...

I love love love to sew and embroider. Can't wait to have a little girl to sew for again. May have to borrow some in the mean time. lol But I know grandchildren are getting closer. My daughter is in her senior year of college. LOL And she loves children and longs to be a Mommy. =)


Rae*Danae Designs said...

About sewing: I love teaching kids this lost art! I like seeing their eyes light up when they finish a project of their own and want to go share it with someone!
Tori :)

Rae*Danae Designs said...

I love that site!!! I really want to find time to buy and try the "Marly" dress!

And if you can believe it, I've never used this skirt pattern for a skirt! I'd love to try that too :)

Rae*Danae Designs said...

I love the "Camryn" style with the 2 colors!

Rae*Danae Designs said...

Blogged about the giveaway! FB'd about it too!!!

Rose said...

I would love to sew a whole outfit. I have never really tried it.

lil misses' mama said...

I received a sewing machine for Christmas almost two years ago...When I opened that box and for the next six months thereafter, I never would have guessed that that machine would change my life! But oh it has!! I knew nothing about sewing then but taught myself little by little...and here I am about 23 months later with an etsy shop of hand-sewn clothing and two little girls whose closets are chock full of mommy-made outfits! Sewing has given me a much-needed creative outlet and has really been so exciting! Sending pieces all over the world and meeting friends near and far has been a real treat! All because my mom gave me a little Brother sewing machine!

lil misses' mama said...

I have heard a lot of great things about the new book Little Girl Big Style! But I am also interested by the Anastasia Snuggle Sweater!! Really fun!

lil misses' mama said...

I like the Large Love bow for Valentine's Day!

Southerner said...

I learned to smock so I could make the pretty dresses that I couldn't afford. It has been a way for me to be creative.

Southerner said...

I would love to see the Fransesca skirt done in some different material variations!

Southerner said...

I love the classic big bow, but loved looking at her different ribbons- like the polka dot in Christmas colors and candy cane ribbon. So cute.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...

Lou Lynn,

I just finished a Christmas dress for my daughter. I was cutting strings minutes (no seconds) before we walked out the door. I already have a few straight skirt ideas planned for my daughter. I'm revolting against the cold weather and have started making spring and summer clothes already.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...

Lou Lynn,

Even though the dress size is too small for my daughter, I love the dress and the big bow on the back of the Ava Sundress.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...

Lou Lynn,

Of course, the princess bow would have to be the one.

gentrynjoy said...

I love to sew!! I just started sewing for my daughter and it is so much fun to plan and create something for her!!! I am very excited about your Thursday Blogs!!! I love finding new ideas.

gentrynjoy said...

I like the ruffle pants by Portobello Pixie. I would love to see them done.

gentrynjoy said...

I would love a snowflake bow. It is so cute for the winter.

gail said...

I don't know what's cuter, the outfits or your models! ;)
very pretty!


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