Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday dress and a new sewing place

I can’t believe that my little Miss Anne Pearce will be 3 years old this Saturday. WHEN did that happen?? We’re taking her to see Toy Story and are having a little dinner for her….then next week???? We’re going to see our Jenny Poo (my sister) in Orlando!!! Little Miss Priss will get to see the real “Ninny Nouse” for her birthday. We have fall break, so we’re heading on down. I always make my girls something special to wear for their birthdays, so I made AP a new dress. She loves the cupcakes. She looks good enough to eat in it too…. I’ve had several rehab projects going at one time. Remind me not to try that again. I’ll tease you with some “befores” and will share the “afters” soon.

The birthday dress…. I used Sandi Henderson’s petal apron dress pattern, Robert Kaufman cupcakes and dots.

101_0890 A birthday skirt for our Bella….. They’re birthdays are only 5 days apart.


Now for the befores…. A black bookshelf that my grandmother had built to store all her Harlequin romances about 30 years ago….


Dirty…..boring…… BORING.


Open backed shelves…..


And a BORING farmtable. This is where the new sewing space comes in! Can’t wait to show you what I’ve turned these beauties into!



Kim W said...

Wow, three years old. Doesn't seem possible and then again it seems like I have been reading and following her life longer than that. I know she has brought so much joy and laughter (and a few trying times) to your life. What a blessing for you and her to be a part of your family.
Happy Birthday, Anne Pearce!
PS Can't wait to see the finished furnishings. Love the birthday outfits. Hopefully will get to see a new photo of Bella in hers ;}

Tonya Boster said...

Happy Birthday, Anne Pearce! I love the birthday dress and skirt you made. I can't wait to see your finished furniture projects!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday Anne Pearce!Can't wait to see pics. of you in your B/D dress!!! And the tutu that I made you and Essie!


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