Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a little whimsy by loulou

This is my latest set, and I am THRILLED with the end product. After I made Anne Pearce and Essie’s sets I have enough to make ONE more set. This fabric is amazing….it’s Whimsy by Pillow and Maxfield and is true eye candy. It’s got several shades of pink and green and is beautiful. The pant is a bell bottomed ruffle pant with 5 inch double ruffles….. Essie said they were dancing pants! Precious. The top is monogrammed in pink and green to match the pants. This shirt is so versatile though, and could be worn with tons of stuff. I would also do an appliqued initial tee like the one shown here if you’d rather.  I use Old Navy tshirts….. This set as shown is $55 plus $3 shipping. Act quickly. This one won’t last long. I am cutting fabric tonight, and this set will ship in a week or less.




101_1336 101_1334



Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

That fabric is so cute! Great design!


Laurie said...

Too stinkin' cute! I love the fabric and the monogram! I wonder if we could find that fabric in navy, white and gold I could pass it off as a school uniform! :)

LouLou@thelifeofloulou.blogspot.com said...

Thanks Grace!
Laurie, Surely we can figure out SOMETHING to make Bella some precious uniforms....Seems to me solid navy ruffle pants would fall in.....Does it say you can't have a monogram?? We could do a little 3 letter monogram on the chest...maybe on the left side???

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Those are some of the most adorable pants I have ever seen. I LOVE them! Makes me want to learn how to sew more than just straight lines...


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