Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to make a bird’s nest….Easy peasy loulou style.

I have been seeing precious little bird’s nests everywhere…. The Nester being one of my favorites…. I’ve seen them under cloches, in apothecary jars, and sitting out everywhere…. You know what happened next…. I wanted some myself. So, as usual I headed heaven Hobby Lobby. Can I just say that they know Anne Pearce, Essie, and me by name?? I always get a, “Hey there, ya’ll! How are those girlies?” I could take that to mean that I go there WAY to much, but I like to pretend that I just have an easy face to remember. I was on the search for materials to make my topiary tree and decided to get the materials to make my bird’s nest too. This was so quick, easy, and cheap…. HEY! I’m talking about the nest!!! Not about me!!!! Anyway, this is what I got.

A pack of two nests for $1.99. Again, I will be watching for these babies to go on 50% off as everything does at HL. $.50 apiece will be sahweet!


I also picked up a bag of 6 wooden eggs for $1.49.

101_1165 101_1163

Then I got out my my paper plates, craft paints, and empty coffee can full of paint brushes fancy tools. The first thing I did was mix up an “eggy” color using white with some brown, gray, and taupe mixed in.


Then I painted those babies. Painting an egg isn’t as easy as it sounds. Those little boogers kept moving all around. I finally figured out to paint one side, the top, the bottom, and then let it dry.


I wanted them to look more aged, so I added some glaze: Please ignore the dented up can ;)


To glaze all you have to do is paint it on, and wipe it off. Easy peasy.


Here are 3 finished eggs and one of the nests…


I hot glued each egg onto the nest, and voila! I had 2 precious bird’s nests ready to go!

!101_1183 101_1184

So, in under an hour and for about $1.75 each I had 2 nests. One found a home on my new topiary.101_1199

You’ll have to check back to see where the other one turned up! Happy nesting!


Centsational Girl said...

I love it so much ! Great skills girlfriend !


Kim W said...

Cute. Thanks for the how-to!!


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