Monday, October 26, 2009


After our little visit to the Farmer’s Market Saturday I had a stash of pumpkins to use for fall decorations. I had plans but was out of cash…..So I went shopping. In my yard. In my cabinets. We have TONS of stuff sitting around our houses and outside in our yards that make beautiful decorations. I am in the process of rearranging our dining room and have been having a blast. Now that my girls don’t put everything they see in their mouths or on the floor I can actually have a centerpiece again. You are looking at $9 worth of pumpkins on my table and hutch…… All of the rest was FREE!

(Gotta love it when you post something and realize that you took the picture BEFORE you had your table runner on.....I probably had one of the 4 maniacs hanging on my leg....just sayin'.)


I wiped these pumpkins off with a damp cloth. Did you know that some pumpkins will last for years if sprayed with a protectant? I didn’t, but I will be testing that theory. Tomorrow morning these babies are getting a good coating of clear gloss spray. I pulled that big platter out of my cabinet and went to layering…. Those pinecones? FREE. Those berries? FREE. Those beautiful pieces of greenery? FREE. They were all pulled from my yard with the exception of the pinecones. THOSE came from my OLD house ;) Look at the stems on these pumpkins!!! That blue one is my favorite. Absolutely gorgeous!


Those are real itty bitty white pumpkins in my tallest apothecary jar. The girls LOVE them…. I am wondering how they will do in a sealed jar…. Will it make them rot or die?? If you know please leave a comment….I put a bunch of small pinecones in the jar on the left and fresh greenery on the right. I love the way they look together, and I love having REAL nature in my house. It makes everything look so warm and inviting. Plus, when you’re cheap creative like me you know to just replace the leaves when they start looking yucky. We never run out of greenery in southern Alabama!


This is a “cow” pumpkin. Have you ever heard of such? I love the colors and texture….I love me a pumpkin stem….. I got a clear platter out and added more pinecones and greenery. These centerpieces will carry me through Thanksgiving for a total of about $10. I’ll get new greenery as needed, but that’s all I’ll have to do.


On a side note, that pumpkin is sitting on my newly finished hutch. I couldn’t wait to load it up with some goodies….. That project will be coming soon! What are you using to decorate for fall?? Leave me some comments or a link to let me know what you’re using for your fall decorations. I LOVE to see what everyone else is doing.

Happy Decorating!!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Beautiful arrangements! I am especially loving the blue pumpkin...actually drooling over here!

Oh my word!! i cannot believe you have the privilege of LIVING in Fairhope. that is one of my favorite places to visit. Such a precious, quaint little town. My hubby and I stayed at a B&B for our anniversary last year and absolutely fell in love with the place. What a lucky gal you are!


Robin said...

Love all the new decorating posts.

Laurie said...

Love it. I really like the blue pumpkin and tiny white ones. Our house is decorated with thermometers, kleenex, tylenol and cough medicine right now. I'm getting Christmas out right after Halloween so hopefully it will all be up by the end of Nov so we can enjoy the whole month of December!

rita said...

Jaw-dropping beautiful arrangements. I love the fact that the decor can be for Oct and Thanksgiving. Money stretching ideas.


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