Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chairs, chairs, and more chairs

When I started getting the pictures together for this post I realized that I never shared my dining room table makeover. I’m gonna do it sometime this week, because it was a doozie. Pretend you’ve seen the table makeover, then read the rest of the post :)

When I got the table I knew that eventually I would want different chairs. I love my ladder backs, but they’re not really what I want for this table. I have my old round table that is now in the living room that I’ll use these with…. I felt that there was TOO much gray for me and decided to do the table in antique white… I have a 5 gallon oops bucket of CREAMY by SW (the paint fairy was shining down on me that day, as I got it for $25) that I’ve been using for a while.  The table is glazed but not distressed….. Andrew also built that bench (that I also will share…can’t believe I haven’t) for extra seating. This table is MUCH bigger than our previous one and accomodates SO many more people, and I love the touches of red.

This is how the dining area looks today:




This is this table at Thanksgiving filled with all the adults of the family. It was a first for us to not have two tables, and it was wonderful!


Monday I was in my favorite thrift store when I spotted these gorgeous harp backed chairs. Be still my heart. There were 5 of these with one arm chair!


Is this not divine??


So, the guy has these chairs around a Duncan Phyffe table EXACTLY like the one I just redid… He had $250 for all of it. I told him in my sweetest voice that I didn’t really need the table, but I would love those chairs…  Mr. Nice Thrift Store Man, how much for just the chairs?”. He says, “hmmmmmm, how about $75 for all of them?” SOLD! I almost felt guilty as they loaded them up and I hauled butt home! So! Now I have 6 new chairs to go around the table. They’re smaller, so I’m thinking I can fit 4 down the side that now has 3. We have a HUGE family that comes here for all holidays and occasions, so this is great for us. They do have some chipped veneers in places, so I’m going to have Andrew spray them in the same creamy paint color, and then I’ll glaze them. I’m going to recover the seats in either drop cloths or some red and white toile… I haven’t decided which for sure. Excited is an understatement… How fun!

I also want to share this Goodwill find from before Christmas. I’ve always wanted a rolling library chair, but they’re so expensive around here. The last one I saw at a thrift store was $100! At a THRIFT store!! So you can imagine my excitement when I rounded the corner at my Goodwill and spotted this chair for $9.99.


It had a couple of places that needed to be repaired and tightened, but Andrew fixed all that.



You can see here how the original casters had been replaced with these cheap plastic ones. I found some replacement vintage casters on Ebay that will be perfect. You can also see how cracked and gross the “faux leather” seat cover is.


I had Andrew take the covers off hoping that I would find original wood. This is what we found instead. A nasty green towel! Gross. The original wood seat is broken, but Andrew is going to repair it, because it does have contours and curves.


I wanted to refinish the chair until I thought about all the repair work and what a pain it would be. I decided that painting it and recovering the seat would be the best option. This baby is going to be my new sewing chair. The mechanisms all work perfectly, so it’s the perfect height and OH SO COMFY.  I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. I’m thinking it’s going to be fabulous!

I’m sure I’ll share this post at some bloggy parties eventually! I’ll edit this post when I do. :)

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Julie Harward said...

That is so awesome! I have one harp chair but to have 5 wow! We have an old desk chair like that, it was my FIL's and my husband redid it, it is beautiful :D

High Street Cottage said...

Lulu that was an incredible deal! I would have felt guilty too! They'll be perfect with your table. And how awesome was that library chair? You did great! So glad to see you back, xoxo tami

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Oh Lulu, I love it all! The chairs and that red bench!!! Perfect! I got four chairs a couple of weeks ago at an auction. $30 for all four of them! I have been impatiently waiting to paint them and the weather has been awful! Rumor has it we are have temps in the 60's this weekend and sunny, so guess what I will be doing!!

Can't wait to see the desk chair reveal!

Lou Cinda

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love the gray color of the chairs, and the pop of the red on the bench is very nice! what a great dining area you have set up!

Marianne said...

Great deal on the harp chairs. I have one of the rolling library chairs at my desk and they are really comfortable, I made a chair pad for the back and seat which makes it even better. It will be great for sewing because you can roll around when you need to.

Carisa said...

Lovely!! I can't wait to see how they turn out!!!


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