Monday, January 31, 2011

How do I fix this?

We’ve been redoing this room for a while. The paint color changed from a deep gold to cool rainwashed blue. My big leather couch was replaced my my smooshy lovey from Ballard’s. I took the big leather chair out as well and replaced it with the 2 small vintage chairs you’ll see below. I’m going to show you some pictures of my space from several angles, so you guys can help me get off the fence and get to redoing the pieces that need it.

Entering the living room from the kitchen. I realize that plant is disgusting, and I have a friend with a huge green thumb coming Wednesday to help me add some live plants. There are going to be 4 ladderbacks around this table as soon as I find the energy to move them to this room. :) It’s great for snacks, coloring, and games. I LOVE it in this spot.


Looking down towards the other end. I know that the door is right against that side table. I live in a cottage, and there is a sunporch that runs the entire length of the house. We don’t use that door.


Another view… I’m happy with the furniture placement, although I am going to be adding one more chair back when I’m finished reupholstering it. (antique white finish/red toile fabric)



This is the other wall with the fake fireplace Andrew built for me and an entertainment console we finished right before Thanksgiving. The top row of drawers is going to be removed for the cable box and DVD player.


Pay attention to the arm chairs and the side tables. This is where the questions will come in. I lived with these chairs and tables for 2 months, and I know for sure that I want to use them permanently in this room. Take the chairs: I love the shape. The wood stain? Not so much. Those arm pads were not original to the chair and were added by the previous owner and will be removed exposing the entire arm. The back cushion is attached (and I will be taking it off for a separate cushion. This chair is probably going to be slip covered in drop cloths. My kids are all over these chairs all the time, and I need ease. I would love for the wood to be stained dark like the other pieces you see in the room. This color is so 1950 and blends right in with the honey floors. HOW CAN I CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE STAIN WITHOUT TOTALLY STRIPPING AND RESTAINING? Is there anyway I can darken them to dark walnut without stripping? Is there a technique I can use that doesn’t involve stripping? HELP please.


I love this vintage side table. The bottom drawer holds my laptop, camera, and all my cords. The top has such cute detailing. I am planning on staining the top dark walnut and painting, distressing, and glazing the body in antique white.


So that leaves this lost little man. I love this vintage table. LOVE IT. Just don’t love the finish. I know that it may look strange to you in this location, and it may end up on the other end of the couch. Regardless, it will be by this sofa. Is it saying anything to you?? Do you think the top should be stained? Should it be done in antique white and glazed? OR should I paint it in the red of the entertainment console? I know I don’t want it solid antique white… I need a punch over here.


So wise ones:

How do I change the wood color on the chair without totally stripping them, which would be a TOTAL pain?

What does that little table need? What would YOU do with it?

HELP your sista out.

Thanks :)


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am sorry to say there is no quick fix at least that i know of. you will have to strip them, but you could use something like refinisher instead of stripper which is a little more liqid. or you could use a deglosser. the thing is, you have to get the shiny poly off. once that is off, you can stain them darker, but thar needs to go or the stain will not stick.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

If you stain over stain it will just get darker and it may not stick.
Have you thought about giving it a really good sand? That might be easier then stripping. I have done this before and had really good luck. When we redid our banisters we had professionals come in and they sanded then applied the new stain color.
I can't wait to see the finished product, love that room!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Okay, I can actually give you an answer for the stain on the chairs, Lou Lynn! : ) I haven't done it myself, but you can use gel stain and it will help darken the existing stain. It has to be gel stain though. For that little side table the red would be good if you want a punch of color there. I believe Marion at Miss Mustard Seed did a similar table {maybe a year ago}, but I don't remember if she did walnut and glazed white or a color. Hope this helps!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I have painted furniture and made it look like stain. One method is to paint the furniture dark brown and then use a black glaze on top. Using nice long even strokes with the glaze. It really looks like wood when you are done.
Good luck with your chairs!

Carisa said...

I love the color on your walls!!! I'm sorry to tell you that I can only think of antique white for the vintage end table...

Carisa said...

Hi! I've given you an award @ Paintmeshabby! Go check out today's post! :)

Our Complete Family said...

The room has turned out so cute, Lou, and I can't wait to see the chairs and tables when you're finished b/c I know it'll be fab! Hey, totally off subject b/c you were asking about staining the chair wood and color of the side table, but when I looked at the pics that you mentioned the door in I had an idea. Since you don't use it, how about putting a curtain in front of it using the same material as the others in the room and the same curtain rod so from standing in the room it'll look like a covered window?!?
P.S. Love the new blue color on your walls. So soothing and pretty!

Suzanne and Jayme said...

Are you no longer on fb, because I'm having Lou withdrawls?

Mary Ann said...

I would paint the tables white, but that is just me! I am a total English Cottage Shabby Chic kind of girl! Have you tried crackling? I love it. You have put any color behind it put the crackle on and them use an antique or white over top and the under color will show through the cracks. Can't you just sand the heck out of chairs?

Josie said...

Oh my goodness, I'm loving that red dresser under your tv. It's the perfect pop of color. Your house is so beautiful! :)


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