Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am a traveling fool. A fool I say!

Yep. I am ON THE GO. It’s been crazy here since before Thanksgiving, and it hasn’t slowed down yet.  We went to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando New Year’s Day. ROLL TIDE ROLL. Friday we take off for NYC for the weekend, and we can’t wait!! I KNOW it’ll be cold, but this southern girl looks forward to some snow and scenery. We’re seeing Wicked and La Cage with Kelsey Grammer. I was hoping I could take Andrew to see Promises Promises again, but it stopped running Jan. 3 :(  After this trip I have a couple of weeks at home before I head to Utah to see my bff Natalie’s new baby boy, Coban. I have SO much to look forward to…. We’re taking the girls to Disney for the weekend in Feb. or March… Our Mardi Gras is the end of Feb/early March, and we LOVE that!  A couple of friends are coming for Mardi Gras, so our house will be hopping! Things are gonna be really boring around here after the first of March, which means I may ACTUALLY get to paint a piece of furniture or two…..  I know I have TONS of catching up to do, and I will as soon as I get a second. or 2.

Here are some pictures from our Bowl game. Andrew is an Auburn fan, so him wearing this shirt for me is true love, baby. True love! I’ll be back with pictures and stories when we get back from NYC.

This is what I call true unconditional best hubby in the world kinda love… I’m afraid his chest broke out in blisters after he wore it! LOL


This is Julio Jones who just so happens to me my favorite Alabama football player of ALL time… He took Mike Shula’s spot! He’s from our area, and I love him to pieces. I didn’t know at the time, but I saw him play in HIS LAST ALABAMA COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME. He announced shortly after that he’s going pro. I love him and am proud of him but am still having a little sniff. sniff.


Love me some Big Al.


Roll Tide baby! Did we have great seats or WHAT??


This is the 2010 Heisman award winner Mark Ingram who then led us to our National Championship victory last year. He prayed on this field for at least one full minute before the game. This is my favorite pic from the game… It was also Mark’s last game! Another sniff sniff.


Ok. I know you guys are tired of hearing about football, but this was one of the BEST days of my life… I loved it and loved my hubby for going with me!

This is what happy looks like:


Also got to go see my sweet great niece, who just so happens to be our little Lulu… Get it? Big Loulou and little Lulu?


This kid has good taste already… See that houndstooth bracelet she’s rocking?? Yep. Start ‘em young…

Hope you guys are all well.. Love you and will be back soon.


Julie Harward said...

WOW...what fun you are having..lucky lady! :D

High Street Cottage said...

So glad you're enjoying your vacation, you both look great in your photos Lulu. Red becomes you:) hugs tami

High Street Cottage said...

You are soooooooo sweet!!! Thank you xoxo


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