Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Made some laundry decisions. I know. Life changing stuff huh?

Thanks for the suggestions gals. I had to get the go ahead to remove a bunch of those shelves before I could decide for sure what I’m going to do. I was afraid hubby would think it’s too much work, but he’s all for it.  We’re thinking about taking ALL that shelving down and getting some cabinets from Restore or somewhere to hang above the washer and dryer. I think I’m going to paint them a color and glaze them. We are going to install a closet rod system where that small cabinet is (Thanks Suesan!) I don’t want TOO much space to store clothes, or my kids will never take stuff to their rooms! Lol. I’m also thinking about a nice shelving unit to fill with baskets for  dirty laundry. Andrew is going to build a small cabinet to go in between the washer and dryer with a counter top that will go all the way to the wall for folding. We’re going to install an ironing board that folds down from the wall behind the door. I also want to put something over on that wall to hold all the extra paper towels and toilet paper we have….  Ohhhhh, I’m getting excited!


Julie Harward said...

Isn't blogging get all that help and good ideas! Sounds like you have some great ideas...good luck with it all :D

Ronda said...

Off to a good start! I am happy you are removing the shelves, they are super pretty looking, but the way. I mean maybe if you wanted to store all your books in the laundry room, they'd be perfect! :-)
p.s. Yesterday was my first time commenting on your blog and I re-read what I wrote, I hope I didn't come off as bossy but I tend to say whatever I want without editing myself :-/


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