Saturday, March 5, 2011

To blog or not to blog? THAT is the question.

Morning all…. I’m sitting here in my living room looking out at the dreary gray of the day. I can’t even begin to complain about the weather. We have been BLESSED in Fairhope, AL. It seems that spring decided to move in last month, and it’s been fabulous.

I’ve been thinking about blogging lately. I even had a long email convo with my buddy Donna from Funky Junk about it. It’s always a struggle for me. Sometimes I get TOO into it and other times I totally back away and go MIA for months. I’m not very consistent to say the least. :) Part of it is my health….This nasty dysautonomia that is always clinging to my tailcoat. It never ever never goes away, and it limits my life in SO many ways. I had a very bad episode from mid January when we got back from NYC until just a couple of weeks ago.  That episode FLOORED me. I have changed some meds up, and so far that seems to be helping a lot. It’s amazing. As SOON as I’m well projects start calling my name. I have had the opportunity to work on several things over the past couple of months. When I have a good day I usually will sew or paint SOMETHING… and plan…. I love to plan plan plan plan plan all my upcoming projects.

SO. Today I am committing to myself that I will share my projects starting Monday. I want to share the things I’ve done and my feelings about them. I want to share the things I want to do and WHY I want to do them. I want to share me. This blog will be evolving again. I want to show all sides of Loulou….the woman who loves to paint a piece of furniture, the one who loves to sew for girls, the one who loves to create, AND the one who is sometimes trapped in the bed just WANTING to do all these things. This blog is NOT going to become a diary of the whining woman. I do want to share some about my condition. Many people don’t even know what dysautonomia is, and I want to educate those who want to know. You probably have someone in your family who has it and doesn’t know it, or you have. Your great Aunt Alice who always sat around and had a “weak constitution” probably had it too. :)

I have so many fun things to share! I’ve reupholstered and slipcovered chairs. I’ve redone 2 tables and completed several projects. I’ve had such fun getting this house the way I envision it. Of course that vision changes constantly. Case in point: the mommy den I JUST completed. I hate it. Yep. I do. The color doesn’t make me happy, and I don’t like the way it’s accessorized. I’ve already bought the paint and supplies for a surprise element…. All this will be coming soon. I can’t promise that I’ll be here all the time. I just can’t. I am shooting for 3 posts a week. Blogging is good for me. It gives me a place to “get it all out”.  I really appreciate those of you who have stuck with me through all these ups and downs. It means the world. Thanks for all the love, patience, and inspiration you guys constantly give.

love and hugs.


Sanctuary Home said...

Hi Lou,
I enjoy your blog a lot. You shouldn't feel like you "have to" blog. Your followers will still be here. You can write whatever you want, in fact, it makes you a real person when you share what's going on in your life. I suffer with Migraines, and when I get one I can't do anything, let alone blog. I'm not comparing Migraines to what you have, but I know the feeling of wanting to blog and then not feeling good enough, and it's those times that you don't want your negative feelings to come through, or as you would say...whining. My point is, whatever you want to do is okay, and when there are times that you don't feel good, take the time for yourself and try not to feel obligated. We'll still love you!
Susan : )

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, that sounds just fine to me LouLou! : ) Real life comes first and sometimes there is not any project to blog about. So, you make your blog what you want it to be.

High Street Cottage said...

Hi Lou, I'm so glad you posted this. I have had the same experiences since I've been blogging. Well similar ones. I have had to "step away" at one point, as it was hard for me to be positive. Now what I do is post when I want. I refuse to pressure myself into posting when I don't want to. After all a blog is about our lives, not others. I think many are wanting so much more from their blogs, popularity, fame, etc. Spots in magazines. So that can pressure a person. And there is nothing wrong with wanting those things but it's not for me. I for one do love your projects, I love seeing your before and afters. So I'm glad you'll be sharing more. But please pace yourself, because your health is far more important. And speaking as one of your followers, we'll still be here, we're not going anywhere ;) xoxo tami

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi LouLou,
I read your's and many others but nobody knows it. (no time to comment) When I started my Etsy store and started posting the crib sets, my followers stopped showing up. I only post about twice a month. I'm so busy!!!!! I have lots of plans and projects in the works, but nothing finished to really post about.
So with all of that said I think you have to do what's right for you. We're all out here with you. Take care of your health and those little girls. I love what you do with furniture! But I know how time consuming and overwhelming it can be. 3 post a week! I can't even imagine that!
You're a bigger man than me. LOL
Take care,
Kelly said...

Ok. so maybe 3 times a week is TOO much LOL! Maybe ONE time a week?? That's way more doable!

Alyson said...

Hey there....not sure how I found your blog but just wanted you to know I love your "sewing" posts and have appreciated them so much!

As a mom of 2 little girls myself, I have bookmarked the post you did with your favorite sewing patterns and refer to it often. PLEASE share more!!!!

Take care=)


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