Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well, you need a place to sit your drink.

I do have more chairs to post. Seriously. You’d think the chair parade would be coming to a close, but there are still a few more that want their 15 minutes of fame.  While we wait on the next chair I thought I’d show you another of the little redos I’ve done for this room.

Remember this?


Well, now it looks like this:


Is that an improvement or what?


This was a quick and easy makeover…one of those that makes you say, “Why in the heck have I waited this long to tackle this table?”kinda project. I sanded it down with a sanding sponge and had Sweet Andrew give it a spray with SW Creamy.


I gave it a good distressing and a light glazing with Valspar’s Antiquing Glaze… I just just a twit. BTW. In southern Alabama “just a twit” means “just a little”. :) I sprayed the old hardware with some kinda bronze that wasn’t ORB, since I can’t find it anywhere anymore. I finished it with that fabulous waxy stuff by Minwax.


SO, now Miss Circa 1968 is now rocking in 2011. You’ve come a long way, baby. Just sayin’.



Thanks for coming by my little ol’ cottage.

Love and hugs peeps,


Janine said...

I love the transformation! That is the sweetest little side table!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I always find it amazing that a little bit of paint can really bring those old pieces into the current century, Loulou. It looks so much fresher in white.

High Street Cottage said...

What a lovely update to one of the most sentimental table styles ever. I grew up with those, and they were a familiar site as a kid. I enjoyed your post so much, it gave me a giggle. Can't wait to see more of the "chair parade". By the way I got your email, you're soooooooooo kind to make that offer, but I wish I had the time to even attempt it. Thank you my dear, I'll have to see what the upholsterer can do, usually I have more time, but my crazy work schedule has me exhausted at the end of the day. love and hugs, tami
ps, I'm so glad you're back!


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