Thursday, March 10, 2011

Needle and Thread Thursday, Tutorial next week, and vintage pattern yumminess

I’m so excited! Next Thursday I will be posting my first sewing tutorial for Needle and Thread Thursday. :)

My girls love to carry their babies with them everywhere they go. Often times I’m the one who ends up carrying them. :( They get tired of holding them, and the poor babies end up on the floor, in the buggy (that’s a shopping cart in Alabama), or stuffed under my arm or in my purse. The new American Girl catalog came in the mail this week. Essie was so excited when she saw this:

It’s a carrier for Bitty Baby and costs $24. I decided to do my own twist on the baby carriers we saw all over Guatemala and make a baby doll sling. This was the finished product:

Two happy girls with 2 baby carriers.


The girls grabbed them as soon as they opened their eyes this morning. They couldn’t wait to put them on. :)


This is a very easy project! If you wanna make one with me just have about a yard of fabric ready to go. In less than an hour you’ll have a sling and a happy kid!

Also, you’ll NEVER guess what is in THIS bag.


It is FILLED with this sewing fabulousness… TONS AND TONS OF VINTAGE patterns… Swoon.


One of my neighbors was going to get rid of these in a yard sale… I  was thrilled when she brought me an entire bag filled with these.

Aprons!  Look at the one on the bottom…the blue and white gingham! OHMAHGOODNESS.


To die for dresses:



Fun vintage dresses and outfits…



Sorry this picture is so blurry……I LOVE these pantsuits and short sets….


I’m going to start with these… not sure which one, BUT one of these babies will be my Easter dress. My mama is going to come help me fit and alter the patterns for size. It’s so hard to go by size on these old patterns. If you look closely the one on the right says size 14 with a 34 inch bust… hmmmmm. I wear a 2 or 4, so I’m thinking this will work.


I can’t wait to get started! I only have about 27 projects ahead of this, but I am going to get to it soon!!

What do you guys think? Which pattern is your favorite?

love and hugs.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

They are all great, Loulou, but I think my favorites are those with the full skirted dresses. When I was a kid, my Mom had so many patterns - even doll ones for my Barbie dolls. She made a lot of our clothes and things for the house.


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