Monday, December 14, 2009

quick,easy, precious, and cheap teacher or hostess gift

Am I the only one who has been loving all the Christmas tins at Hobby Lobby? I fell in love with this retro tray and tin a while back. Last time I was there I picked up enough of them (at 50% off) to make some cute gifts. This is so stinkin’ easy I hate to even call it a tutorial….

Here’s the plate…. PRECIOUS! What do you get when you take this tray and the tin below??


You get a Christmas cake plate of course!


Here’s the world famous Gorilla Girl. I know the Shanty sisters made it famous, but my hubby has been using it for years around our house….. He loves him some Gorilla Glue, and I do too!


I took the top off of the tin and glued it to the back center of the tray using Gorilla Glue. A tall candle was the perfect size and weight to hold that sucka down. I left it to dry for about 2 hours to make sure it was good and stuck.


Here’s the final product. It turned out to be an ADORABLE Christmas cake plate. I am baking cookies and treats for the girls’ preschool teachers and wrapping them up with cellophane. I’m also writing their names and the year on the bottom with a Sharpie, so the teachers will remember my girls.


Another view on my table…It really is a cutie!


You wanna hear about the cheap? Each of these was about $2 to make. The trays were $2.67 BEFORE the 50% off, and the tins were $1.67. Don’t ask me about the $.67. I thought it was a weird amount too…. The total cost was just at $2.00! You can’t beat that for a cute gift can you??? I love cheap, but I REALLY love a cheap cutie! Let me know if you whip up any of these…..


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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow! I love that tray even as is! Love the colors in it!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I saw those trays at Hobby Lobby when I was visiting family in TN (we don't have one in my area of VA, bummer). Love what you did with it! :)

Bethany said...

Great ideas! Tim is our baker and I bet he would love to have his famous cookies on this idea rather than the paper plates he buys! LOL!

kdunn said...


Becky Scott said...

Lou-Lou - I'm totally stealing this idea. I went today and bought all the supplies. I'm going to bake cookies and put them in the bottom tin, then baking each teacher a small cake and surrounding it with the homemade truffles that I'm making!
Thanks for the idea! Love you!

~ RM said...

This is so cute! Perfect for Holiday parties where dishes are soon forgotten. (NOt that you'd want to forget these, but for that price... ) Great crafty idea, thanks for putting it out there, it's sure to be used this season! :)


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