Friday, December 18, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things….

Like so many others it’s been crazy around my house getting ready for Christmas….Who’s had time to refinish furniture?? Not me! I do have some HUGE projects that I’m tacking after the New Year, but for now I’m going to share my favorite piece of furniture….I kinda feel bad pointing one piece out….It’s almost like saying you have a favorite child. ALL my pieces are special to me. This particular piece is a Barrister bookcase that has been in my family for a LONG time…. I inherited it from my grandmother, and it was in my room growing up for as long as I can remember. It’s been everywhere with me and has held everything from books to my china and crystal. Now it’s sitting in a corner of my living room holding some of my favorite pieces and trinkets. Let me go ahead and apologize for the photos…..My camera WOULD NOT cooperate this morning. I figured a few not so great pictures were better than none at all!


Here she is. I have an oddly shaped living room, so she’s placed caddy corner on one end of the space.


She’s got plenty of nicks and scratches, but I will never redo this piece. I want to keep it just like my grandmother had it. I LOVE the dark stain on the wood. It really makes it pop.


The second shelf is the “greatgrandmother” shelf. My 3 sisters and I each got 2 place settings of my great grandmother’s china and 4 pieces of stem ware.


A close up of the pattern….It’s truly bone thin and translucent. GORGEOUS.


My greatgrandmother, Tennie, was an amazing seamstress….This is Mae, and she gave her to me when I was 6 or 7…..right before she died. I can remember her letting me sit on her lap and hold Mae very gently. I feel so honored to have inherited her.


This little piece is from my other great grandmother Anne. She was the first Anne Pearce. My mom is Sharon Anne Pearce Williamson, and my oldest daughter is Anne Pearce Lynn. This piece will be hers when she’s older.


Here’s another picture of all those loveys in the piece.


A gift from by best friend, Natalie, and a bird from my grandmother live in the piece….


as well as a picture of Essie and me in Guatemala….


an old salt container that belonged to Tennie, my grandmother Mammy, and now me….


some antique Asian pottery given to me by my mama….


a picture of Mama when she was little, a bag of Guatemalan coffee, and another antique Asian trinket box……


All of these things are a mish mash of styles and some wouldn’t agree with the way they’re arranged. I probably break every decorating rule with this shelf, but I don’t care…..It’s for me, and I love looking at it with some of my favorite things inside….. I always think of all my grandmothers when I look at this bookcase and am reminded how fortunate I am to have such wonderful reminders of the most fabulous women in the world…….Thank you Tennie, Grandmother Anne, Mammy, and Mama….. I feel honored to have even a tiny piece of the amazing lives you led.


I’m sharing this at Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Friday.

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Miss Mustard Seed said...

I LOVE your barrister bookcase. I have been looking for one for years, but they always cost more than I am willing to pay. You also have it decorated so well. The pops of green and red keep it from looking dark and heavy. That piece would be one of my favorites as well. Thanks so much for linking up!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What treasures! Swoon~

~ RM said...

OH man.. THis is a wonderful way to show off all your treasures! I have always wanted a bookcase like this, but haven't figured out where it would go...

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a special piece! I love displaying our family treasures too. :) You have some really neat heirlooms! I noticed Francine Rivers' "The Last Sin Eater" on one shelf. I love her writing. :) Have you read "Redeeming Love"??

kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

There's nothing like our special little treasures.
I wanted to come by to say Merry Christmas. See you next year.

Carrie said...

How wonderful that you have so many delightful family pieces!

we three dogs and me said...

I love what you said you don't care what others thought. You are being you and what makes you happy. I love what you have done.Everything you have is special to you.


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