Saturday, November 6, 2010

deal alert

I saw these gorgeous topiaries on Ballard’s website…. Lovely.

Blue Spruce Potted Tree

I love the urns and the fact that they’re lit. What I didn’t love is the fact that they’re $49 and $99 EACH ON SALE.

SO, I went looking and found these on JC Penney.

Topiaries - set of 2

Hmmmmm. They’re adorable AND $39.99 for the PAIR. Did I mention that I also got FREE shipping?? Well, I did. JC Penney has free shipping on orders over $69 or orders shipped to a store. I was already ordering Roman blinds for Logan’s room, so I was a little over $69. Don’t overlook JC Penney for housewares…. I got these 2 trees, 3 Roman blinds, and 6 moss balls for a little over $80.

These moss balls are on sale for $9.99.  I couldn’t make them for any cheaper I don’t think, and these come without the MESS of making them.

Linden Street Set of 6 Moss Orbs


I can paint these urns and distress them to get the Ballard’s look, unless I love these in person. I can’t wait to decorate these for Christmas, and they’re versatile enough to use all year. What a great deal! Now, go get yours!

Happy Saturday!

BTW, I don’t get  a dime from JCP… Just sharing the deal and some love. :)


Enchanted Rose Studio said...

I love those tress in urns too! JCP certainly has a much better deal! Thanks for the info!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hello Loulou! I always look to JC Penney for accessories, lamps and other home decor not just for myself but for my clients, too. I've gotten some great deals and I'm always pleased with what I've found for my own home.

I got two of those topiaries last year around this time from Goodwill. I'm not sure where they came from originally; they have the black urn, but they were $14.99 each! I couldn't have done better for pre-lit and extra bulb packets still on them. I figured they had to be twice that in whatever store they came from. I had a good time decorating them for my entry foyer and living room last year!


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