Sunday, November 28, 2010

iron bowl decorating for $0

Ok. So we lost. It was sad. I’m still not over it, BUT life goes on. :) If you don’t know it already I’m a HUGE Alabama football fan. This year we hosted a little Iron Bowl party with fans of both varieties. It was the day after Thanksgiving, so I was exhausted from all the festivities… I seriously decided at about 11:30 that morning that I would do a “little decorating” for the game. Mind you. At 11:30 I still had on my pj’s, still had to make a couple of hot dips, AND get my house back straightened up. I quickly noticed how red and gray show up all over my house…. I think it’s my subconscious Bama love speaking to me all the time. I grabbed some fabric from my stash and got busy.

I used some Bama fabric as a garland and wove it though my mantle.


I added some ribbon to use as napkin rings using the same placemats and napkins I used for Thanksgiving.


My scale also got some houndstooth loving and a touch of red.


Another quickly folded piece of fabric becomes a table runner… Red and white ribbon decked out the old pitcher.



More red and houndstooth. I can’t believe that I didn’t take ANY pictures of the food! It stretched from one end of my kitchen to the next. We ate GOOD peeps.


It COULD be that I forgot to take pictures of the food, because I had TOO many of these… Just sayin’…


This was the chalkboard BEFORE the party. Everyone put little messages… Let’s just say it wasn’t all blog appropriate. :)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Judith March Alabama dress, although it’s so stinkin’ short that I wear it as a tunic. I try to ignore the fact that it makes me look like I’m expecting a baby, which I’M NOT! This cutie is one of my besties Beth. We’ve been great friends for over 10 years. Our love goes deeper than football.


I adore my hubby even though he goes for the WRONG team as evidenced by his choice of shirt.


Part of the crew during the game… I wasn’t in the mood to take any pictures after halftime. :( I MAY have almost thrown my camera across the room…


I had to share this, just because it’s hilarious. I told Andrew that the decorator loves Bama…. I didn’t happen to have anything Auburn colored laying around. Go figure. :) He found this Fanta can in orange and blue and wrote War Eagle at the top. This was the only AU decoration in the house.


Even though my team didn’t pull the win off we had a fantastic time with friends and family. Auburn has earned bragging rights for the rest of the year, but I only have one thing to say: JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!! Roll Tide Forever!

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Kim W said...

You are a good sport Lou...of course, I wasnt there. lol

War Eagle, Andrew! =)


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