Friday, November 19, 2010

new finds, some projects in the works, and don’t tell me you can’t sew

Last Saturday Andrew and I were out getting a few supplies. On the way home we spotted a yard sale sign… It was 2:00 mind you, and I didn’t think there would be anything left… What WAS left was a truck full of gorgeous antiques that were WAY over our price range…. Before we left I saw one lone pedestal sitting by the truck. I’ve been wanting a round pedestal to make a coffee table, so I asked if we could buy the pedestal… He said he had 2 that went to a table,  but one had damage. He said we’d also have a table top to “play with”. We went to get some cash ($50) and headed back to their house. When we pulled up THIS is what he had sitting waiting for us. Can you believe this??? It’s an antique Duncan Phyfe table that seats 8. That damaged pedestal?? One of the supports had come unglued. That’s it. We got this AMAZING dining table for $50! SCORE! We knew as soon as we loaded this up that it was going in OUR dining room. We need a bigger table, and there was NO way we were cutting these pedestals down for a coffee table. I’ve stripped the top (which is a WHOLE other story coming next week), and we’re finishing it this weekend…. Whooo hooo.



Tuesday Andrew and I met at our Restore at lunch to look for some cabinets for a project. After we had all we needed I browsed through the furniture (of course). We had pretty much decided that we weren’t buying ANY new pieces until we cleared the inventory we have…. We had agreed on that until I spotted THIS piece. Peeps, she is GORGEOUS!!! I had intentions of selling her, until I looked at her all day long Wednesday while I stripped my table top. I concocted this entire evil plan… Take the old chest out of Hayden’s room, redo and sell IT, give him the antique chest that now acts as a console for our TV in the living room, and redo THIS piece for our console…. (insert evil scientist laugh here).  As soon as Andrew got home I started sweet talking and explaining all my “plans”. He said he saw this one coming a mile away, and he knew from the time we bought it that we were keeping it. I love that man! The price? $55. It’s rare here to find those $30 pieces. You do run across them here and there, but it’s amazing to score a piece like this for that price. Another whoooo hooooo! Can’t you see her with a dark stained top and the bottom painted up all pretty?? That hardware is to.die.for.and just needs cleaning up. I haven’t decided what color yet. We’re doing a mini redo when our new couch gets here, and I need to pull in some more color. I will be asking my buddy Kathy for some assistance with this one.  Be ready Kathy… I’ll teach you how to sew, and you can help me decide on some decorating decisions! :) I love Kathy, BTW.



Here are the cabinets we got for a TOP SECRET project…. Andrew is SO excited about this one, and he’s working on it this weekend… I can’t wait to share it with you guys next week sometime… Whooo hooo for the 3rd time!


We walked through Christmas decorations at Restore, and I picked up all these things for $1 apiece. The girls had a ball helping me look for things. I love that unfinished wooden tree. I think I’m going to modge podge some Christmas fabric and decorate it for their room or bathroom. Essie loves it and carries it around everywhere.

002 (2)

This little sleigh is my favorite find of the day. I haven’t decided what to fill it with. I’m thinking a bunch of present ornaments… What do you think?


Remember this chair? I can promise you that it looks nothing like this anymore. I didn’t do the best upholstery job, as it was my first attempt, and I just dove in…. It’s getting a new paint job and a new upholstery job… I’m in the process of finishing this now. I have to get it done ASAP. The boys and Andrew have been complaining about this one being outside. They fight over it, because it’s SO comfy. I bought high quality foam for the cushions this time hoping they’ll hold up better.


Finally, don’t tell me you can’t sew. You may not want to sew or may not like it, but you can do it. I seriously learned to sew using Aimee at Sewsensible’s patterns. She takes you step by step through each stitch. It’s remarkable how easy she makes sewing. You will be amazed how easy it is to make a pair of ruffled pants, AND you’ll be so proud of yourself for doing it… not to mention the money you save. I can create a boutique style outfit that normally retails for $70 and up for about $15. I’m picky about my fabric, but if you used stuff from Hobby Lobby you could make a pair of ruffle pants for about $5! $7 –8 if you use designer fabric. You can’t get a good pair of Target pants for that…. SO, if you WANT to do it you CAN. I promise. I also be here to help. Really. So get rid of your fear, and get ready to sew.

Don’t forget about the giveaway! It would be a GREAT way to start…Free patterns,  discounted fabric, and FREE shoes to go with your pants… The details for the giveaway are below….

Terri at Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops and Melissa from Bella Nova Squeaky are BOTH offering giveaways! Terri is going to give 2 lucky winners their choice of the Boutique Ruffle Pant OR the Cuppy Cake dress pattern! How fabulous is that?? She’s ALSO offering 20% off fabric for the winners! This is an AMAZING offer! You could get started on your own outfit!!!

Melissa is giving away a pair of these fabulous shoes to one lucky winner! You will be amazed at all she has to offer….

How much fun is this???

How do you win? You have several ways to enter.

1. Follow this blog. Leave me a comment telling me if you’re already a follower or are a new one.

2. Link this post on your blog in a post or on your sidebar. Hop back over here, and leave another comment telling me you did.

3. Go visit Bella Nova Squeaky and let me know in a comment what shoes you would choose if you won.

4. Go visit Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops. Check out her fabric, and let me know what fabric you would choose if you won.

That’s 4 entries per person!! I will choose the winners next Wednesday at 7:00 pm using a random generator.


My Daily Creation said...

What a great find! Looks like you'll be busy this weekend. I have found a few gems at yard sales and even a freebie someone left on the side of the road. Often times the pieces need a little TLC and can be made into something beautiful.
Love your blog!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I knew it! As soon as I saw, " and don't tell me you can't sew", I said out loud, "she didn't!". : ) But, yes you did! Ha!

You did really good and I think that $50.00-$55.00 is probably what I would find, too. I know that sometimes at Goodwill they will price something that looks really good low and iffy things higher. I don't think they have the right person doing the pricing at my Goodwill. And, I think Andrew's onto you now. You need to find another ploy! : )

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi LouLou,
You've got your hands full! Nice pieces!
I plan to do a few tutorials coming up. I think one on the linen sofa upholstery job, and I'll throw in one for arm covers too:)

kathie said...

I can't wait to see what you're doing with that gorgeous table! And the cabinet doors... I'm intrigued :) You've got a busy weekend ahead of you!!

SavannahGranny said...

Love the beautiful dining table. What a beautiful addition to you own dining room. You have quite a few projects ahead of you. I look forward to seeing how they come out.
I have been traveling for three weeks but managed to get out a post yesterday. Please come by to visit.
Hugs, Ginger

Jenny said...

Can't wait to see what you're up to -- and, great table!!!


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