Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what’s up next

Andrew and I went searching for some new pieces on the way home from the Bon Jovi concert last month… I looked a HOT mess after being up LATE and was kinda embarrassed to even be out… I got over it when I saw this piece… Isn’t it fabulous?? It had a lot of damage on the bottom, but Andrew has been working his magic on it. It’s ALMOST ready for painting and staining… I can’t wait to finish it. A friend of mine from high school already bought it to use in her fabulous new shop, Fig. She is going to start showcasing my pieces for sale, and we’re both so excited! This baby is going to be light French gray with an antiqued finish. I can’t wait for this rain to stop, so I can get my hands on it…..


After I finish the sideboard this baby is up next. I’ve had a request from another friend from my home town to “funky” this up. She is ordering a new line of candles and wants to use this old china cabinet to display them…. We’re gonna do this piece in a fun and funky green…. I’m thinking great green by Sherwin Williams with a chocolate brown glaze. I’m excited just thinking about it!


I can’t wait for the rain to get outta here, so we can get back to work! I’ve got the furniture fever!!!

Be checking back for the fun reveals.

love and hugs,


kathie said...

Ugh- that is gorgeous, you lucky girl!! I love the swirls on the first piece, they are fabulous!!

Chrissie said...

Beautiful pieces. I can't wait to see them finished! Rain is putting a major damper on my projects too! It's a real bummer

Julie Harward said...

Bon Jovi? You lucky girl! And, I can't wait to see these pieces finished! Come say hi :D

Michelle Smiles said...

Bon Jovi and furniture finds? Trying to make us hate you? ;)

I picked up a silly little dresser at Goodwill that I want make cute for the girls' playroom to put their dress up stuff in. I haven't refinished a piece of furniture in a dozen years - so it should be interesting! (Although not really refinishing - it is painted and I will sand it down a bit and repaint but then I have a library table that I LOVE that I need to seriously refinish but I'm scared.)

Fireflyhex said...

furniture fever is an actual disease


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